Peacock Chair by UUfie

Eiri Ota and Irene Gardpoit Chan of the architecture firm , have designed the Peacock Chair.


From the designers

Taking the inspiration from nature. “Peacock” is an expression of trying to capture a natural instance such as a flower blossoming or a bird’s tail fanning in a ritual courtship. “Peacock” represents these frozen moments of beauty and happiness.

The design and fabrication process began like children playing with paper by cutting, bending and folding it, to create a chair simply now called the “Peacock” for its resemblance.

“Peacock” is made from a type of acrylic composite that has the ability to transform, but requires a delicate process involving manipulating a single sheet within minutes. The idea of freezing a fluid moment is literally captured as the material is stretched by hand. Resulting in a lace-like appearance of a structurally strong material.

“Peacock” is produced in three versions, a large (limited edition) and smaller small size which can be seen in white or in color for indoor and outdoor use.

Material: Acrylic Composite Sheet

Photo: Marco Covi

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